As a personal member of WUSM, your contribution will help in all aspects of operation. WUSM provides practical experience for students that seek to enter the mass communication field. Students produce live shows, gather and deliver news reports, produce recorded announcements and programs, and receive hands on training in the field of radio. WUSM helps to prepare students for entry-level jobs and gives students the tools to turn those entry-level jobs into a career. Your donation assures that the students will have access to modern equipment that will allow them to compete on a national level. A side benefit is that qualified and successful USM graduates bolster the school’s reputation as a quality institution.
For more information about membership, contact Lesley Sanders-Wood at 601.266.5188 or

Membership Packages

$25       Student Membership:

  • WUSM Bumper Sticker

$50       Leaf Membership:

  • WUSM T-shirt
  • Bumper Sticker

$100     Branch Membership:

  • WUSM Swag Bag
  • WUSM T-shirt
  • Bumper Sticker

$250     Crown Membership:

  • Two (2) VIP tickets to the WUSM Tailgate Concert Series
  • WUSM T-Shirt
  • Bumper Sticker

$500     Trunk Membership:

  • One (1) hour of underwriting each week on WUSM for one year
  • WUSM T-Shirt
  • Bumper Sticker

$1,000   Root Membership:

  • Three (3) hours of underwriting each week on WUSM for one year or
  • six (6) months of program sponsorship
  • WUSM T-Shirt
  • Bumper Sticker

$2,500   The Mighty Oak Membership:

  • One (1) hours of underwriting every day on WUSM for one year or
  • twelve (12) months of program sponsorship
  • WUSM T-Shirt
  • Bumper Sticker

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